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At Zero Entity, we leverage machine learning to develop advanced support tools, adaptive microcontrollers and more for our clients.

ML Services

Unleash a new world of efficiency with Machine Learning in Natural Language.

  • Transformers

    Transfomers such as GPT, LLAMA and OPT have become ubiquitous in the last few years for their language abilities, we can help you in training, fine-tuning and integrating transformer models.

  • DNC's

    Although lessor known, we believe Differentiable Neural Computers models to have a strong place in NLP, with a potential to be more adaptable than other models.

  • RNN's and beyond

    RNN's varients such as LSTM and GRU, although somewhat overshadowed by Transformers, can quite useful models with smaller datasets and resources, embedded RNN's are a shining example.

ML Services


Our internal tooling allows Zero Entity to pretrain models with more specific datasets, or even impliment more complex training strategies such as Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RHLF) for Transformers. We utilize this to help bring clients up to speed faster by providing an ever expanding list of varient models to base off.

ML Services

ML Services

Machine Learning Consultancy.

Whether you need help with training, integrating or just need experts to help you understand the complexities before starting a project. We're here to help.

ML Services


Current Research

By staying at the forefront of AI development, we strive to create a better future for all.

  • AI Dummy Data

    We are currently developing a system for generating well formed but non-cogent Dummy/Test data via low size transformer models.

  • DNC Experiments

    We have several DNC projects on-going, both in an attempt to enhance the DNC design itself and to determine its potential uses in other fields.

  • Aviation Monitoring

    Using embedded neural networks, with an aim to provide early warning of impending mechanical failures and threats to the flight envelope on a scale to make available to even single engine aircraft.

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